Push Type Sweeping Machine Cleaning Tools


Sweeping Machine


Product name: Push Type Sweeping Machine Cleaning Tools
Color: red
Material: stainless steel + ABS
Body size: 32*20*6cm
Pole size: 110cm (adjustable)
Dust box capacity: 0.35L

This Revolutionary Magic Broom is hand push type sweeping machine that with broom, dustpan, trash whole body of a new generation of cleaning products. Simple to operate, when dust throughout every corner of your home, you just need to gently push to dust, litter , hair and other rubbish away. Easy to use, even for the children. The sweeping machine uses no electricity, there isn't any noise and it will make your life more cleaning and quiet.

*Stainless Steel Sweeping Machine Push Type Hand Push Magic Broom Dustpan Handle Household Cleaning Package Hand Push Sweeper
*As long as the staff to promote and follow it forward to move, to achieve sweeping dust mopping. Not afraid of water, can be used in the bathroom, the Kitchen can also be washed with water.
*Scope: (wood, ceramic tile, plastic, marble, except concrete blankets) flat floor, easy to clean.
*Poles can be shortened, suitable for home, adults and children can easily use.


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